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  • UX & UI Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Information Architecture
  • Wordpress Development


  • Luis Martinez (Me)
  • Pardela


The client

Pardela is a Mexican film production company with offices in Guadalajara and Mexico City. They've worked with Adidas, American Eagle, and Ben Q brands.

The challenge

In August 2021, Pardela won the opportunity to present its business to different brands, investors, and ad agency owners. Before that moment, Pardela had always pitched their showreel in person.

Pardela needed a way to showcase their latest projects to a crowd and a way to let their prospects check their work at a later time.

The solution

Pardela contacted me to create an online portfolio that was easy to manage and update. We decided to focus heavily on their work, mainly because they worked with famous brands and have a solid aesthetic.

Pardela has never needed to promote itself. The quality of their work and the contacts they've made have. However, as they grew, they realized they needed to appear more professional before those who didn't know them.

When they won the opportunity to showcase their work and pitch to investors and major players, they decided to up the branding to stand out from the rest of the market.

UX audit and research

The first step was to apply a UX audit and research to all of Pardela's digital real estate. They had signed up for different sites like YouTube and Vimeo, but everything was disconnected and branded differently.

User Flow

Pardela wanted minimal information on their website. Although, at first, it looked like it would make the project easier. Soon I found it very challenging to know what to leave in and what to leave out.

User Flow

We defined user personas goals and developed user flows to understand the purpose of their website.

UI design and development

I approached the website as a repository of all the content they have created. I designed vital screens:


I designed two mockups—one with a more traditional layout and the other thinking of something that would break the grid.

I then coded the website on WordPress, which allowed them to control the website and update the content

Low Fidelity