Building an OvenBrothers Oven is easy. Purchasing one should be just as simple

Building an OvenBrothers Oven is easy. Purchasing one should be just as simple


I led the redesign of Oven Brothers' e-commerce website and directed the accompanying photoshoot.


Information Architecture, Product strategy, Visual Design, Shopify Development


Eight weeks from start to finish, with a 2-week break. I served as the sole designer and developer, collaborating with a photo team to create new assets.


Reduced the number of clicks to reach the checkout page from 6 to 4. Increased newsletter subscribers by 50%

Oven Brothers - E-commerce Website Redesign

Oven Brothers launched just before the pandemic and experienced rapid growth through online sales. However, as customers returned to their routines, sales began to decline, highlighting the need for a website update to maintain customer interest and boost conversions. The primary issue was the complicated user flow, which required many clicks to purchase a product, leading to a high drop-off rate.

Oven Brothers - Re designing the user flow

I redesigned the userflow to simplify the checkout process

Oven Brothers - E-commerce Website Design System 1 Oven Brothers - E-commerce Website Design System 2 Oven Brothers - Combining the items to create components

I was brought in to address this challenge and tasked with redesigning their e-commerce website to make purchasing as simple as building one of their ovens. As the sole designer and developer, I collaborated with a team of three photographers to create new visual assets over an eight-week project, including a two-week break for the photoshoot.

To understand the business goals and key performance indicators (KPIs), I conducted interviews and held four discovery sessions with the main stakeholders. I audited the existing website and marketing assets, and analyzed the positioning of major competitors such as Ooni, Solo Stove, Alfa Forni, Gozney, and Blackstone. This analysis helped identify opportunities for Oven Brothers to stand out.

One of the main challenges was coordinating the photoshoot remotely and ensuring the new visual assets aligned with the website redesign. Another challenge was simplifying the user flow without compromising the available product information.

The solution involved redesigning the website on Shopify, simplifying the user flow to reduce the number of clicks needed to reach the checkout page. High-fidelity mockups were created in Figma, and new photography assets were incorporated to enhance visual appeal. For instance, to buy a Big Bro (their leading product), the new navigation flow was streamlined to minimize unnecessary clicks for both new and returning customers.

The redesign led to a 50% increase in newsletter subscribers within the first two months and a 20% reduction in support emails/calls. The improved information architecture and faster checkout experience significantly enhanced user satisfaction and boosted sales.

Looking ahead, we plan to monitor user feedback and make iterative improvements to the website. Further enhancements could include optimizing the mobile experience and integrating more personalized user recommendations.

Oven Brothers - E-commerce Website Redesign