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Available for freelance work

I am a designer who codes. Currently building WordPress themes, Shopify stores and coding email HTML templates. I have a background in UX/UI design, visual design, front-end development, and digital marketing.

  • I am a Designer and Marketer with 10+ years of experience; an expert in helping bootstrapped brands grow through digital marketing strategies.
  • Strong ability to combine UX/UI design fundamentals with copywriting frameworks; skilled in design and following brand strategies.
  • Proven experience coordinating multidisciplinary teams and increasing by 150% website leads of clients
  • Created a mobile application to sell organic products and worked independently in conceptualizing/developing websites.
  • Received positive feedback in 95% on projects and programmed 20+ WordPress themes.
  • Team player with an innovative and creative vision; deep understanding of management and optimization of website analytics.

I am a vetted Codeable expert. Codeable is the only WordPress specialized freelancing site.

I am always learning new things. Right now, I'm obsessed with UX processes and JamStack. In my free time, I'm learning about crypto and NFTs.

Codeable Certification